Throw pillows up to 18" --------------------$3.00 each

Regular bed pillows---------------------------$5.00 each

King size / body pillows -------------------- $8.00 each

Down add -----------------------------------------$5.00 each


Wash-n-Fold is similar to dry cleaning without the stiff chemically cleaned clothes. Your clothes are washed using high quality detergents and softeners, dried and either folded or hung depending on your preference.  Our staff folds all laundry uniformly so that you will have consistency from day to day. You drop off your laundry dirty and pick it up clean and packaged for you. Experience it once and you will never want to wash your own clothes again.

Blankets - Quilts 

Sleeping Bags

Mattress Covers

  • Outdoor patio chairs
  •       Single chair cushions ----$10.00
  •       Double chair cushions --$15.00
  • Boat Covers ----------------------$22.00
  • Hockey Equipment ------------$20.00 per bag (no skates, helmets or goalie pads)
  • Dog beds ---------------------------$20.00



$ 1.40 per pound -  Pre-Pay

$1.60 per pound - COD

Williamsville 716-204-8298 

Depew - Cheektowaga- 716-288-7051 

Tonawanda - 716-768-1002

Up to Queen Size - $17.50 Each

King or larger - $21.00 Each

Down add -  $5.00

Regular Laundry Pricing


Top Shelf Laundromat