1820 Maple Rd., corner of Ayer, Williamsville



"Because We All Deserve The Best"


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What makes Top shelf laundromat and
wash-n-fold DIFFERENT 

  • Air Conditioning for your comfort
Living room like lounge - Including leather couches, chairs, coffee tables, fire place and a
50" screen TV

FREE WIFI high speed wireless internet available throughout the entire facility

Three 37" LCD TV's in wash area for your convenience

Large comfortable bar seating area at our 16' long internet bar

Seperate child play area with dedicated 37" LCD TV and games and toys
Solid Maple Extra large folding tables

24 Hour recorded video surveillance for your safety

Clean, Bright, Safe and Easy Access

Plenty of off street parking in a dedicated parking lot

Great services within plaza:  Barber, Hair Salon, Dry cleaner, Tim Hortons, Restaurants and more

Machines small enough for one load or up to 80lb washers for your largest items or all your laundry at one time

Top Shelf Laundromat and Wash-n-Fold is open 24 hours for your convenience.

Staffed hours 7 days a week from 8:00 am to  4:00 pm 

Top Shelf Laundromat & Wash-n-Fold would like to welcome

- Northtown Center of Amherst hockey teams, coaches, baseball  teams, football teams are all welcome. Top Shelf Laundromat has the large washers and dryers required to handle all of your equipment and uniform cleaning needs in one load. 

FIREMAN - We thank you for your service. We now provide a great place to clean your Fire Safety Equipment in great enviroment. We know you will not leave your valuable equipment while it is cleaned so why not wait at Top Shelf Laundromat.

MECHANICS,  RESTAURANTS, HAIR DRESSERS, BARBERS and anyone else that has items that they do not want to clean at home.  Top Shelf Laundromat has the newest, largest and cleanest machines available to clean all of your items. Give Top Shelf Laundromat & Wash-n-Fold a chance and see how we have taken the self server and wash-n-fold business to the next level. Because We All Deserve The Best. 

BACHELORS - At Top Shelf Laundromat we know you are new to Laundry or would much rather be doing something else. Let our Wash-n-Fold Service keep you looking great or sit back and relax in our lounge, at our WIFI bar or catch a good game on one of our many TV's while you wait.

STUDENTS (UB, Buff State, ECC and all other). Sit at our WIFI bar and do your homework, chat or just surf the web in a nice enviroment while doing your laundry.

Common Questions:

Why would I use a Laundromat?
You can do all of your laundry in  laundromat in a little over an hour, in place of a whole weekend.   

What is Wash-n-Fold?
It is a service where you drop off all or part of the laundry in your house and pay a reasonable price per pound. It is washed, dried and either folded or hung on hangers and packaged for you to pick up. You pay to have your lawn done so you don't spend all weekend working on your yard, why not have your laundry done so you do not spend all weekend or your nights off doing laundry.

Can I wash my blankets, sleeping bags or rugs?
Yes, with our 80 lb washers you can wash just about anything you can carry in. Or you can simply pay to have them washed and folded for you.

I have never been in a laundromat. What is it like?
Top Shelf Laundromat is a CLEAN place with all NEW equipment where you can do your laundry in a comfortable environment. Try it and you will love it.

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